Thieves of Thieves

by Warrior Monks

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We were inspired to do this mixtape after years of listening to Thievery. We always wondered why no one ever made a hip hop piece dedicated to their work. With their funky style and melodic arrangements, half the picture was already painted. In our heads, we just added our own images to the canvas.

--Warrior Monks


released 29 October 2013

All instrumental arrangements composed by Thievery Corporation
All lyrics by Sulaymon and BrotherOfMoses; A.Thomas and A. Mouton
Mixing by Reed 'Mountain Man' Taylor of Greene Street Music




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Warrior Monks New York, New York

Warrior Monks is best known for their inventive style and engrossing lyricism. The group consists of 2 MCs: Sulaymon & BrotherOfMoses. Warrior Monks has released 2 mixtapes, "De Colores" (produced by WaMoo) and "Thieves of Thieves." Through the influence of many artists, rappers and non-rappers alike, they have created a hybrid mix of sounds that is intriguing and original. ... more

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Track Name: Mystics
Paint/this picture on my mind’s canvas/MC University/have just landed/don’t mean to be rude/excuse me for being candid/but I am the baddest motherfucker on that campus/creating realities and ideas/my thoughts all move with Time/like spheres/I wonder if you hear/what I do/when your headphones bump this beat inside you/think it is the same?/can we share a brain?/for a 3 to 9/minute time frame?/or am I insane?/well Lord knows that/all I have is my notepad/don’t like the drowsiness of Prozac/so I smoke that herb and/wrap my blunts like turbans/that open your mind like surgeons/a lover and a fighter/cuz I fight for what I love/but what I love is suicidal/I write for survival

BrotherOfMoses (B.O.M.):
Pretty please/will you let me sow my seed?/sustain the growin’ pains til I soothe it into ease/I’m coolin’ like the breeze and I’m swayin’ like the leaves/but when the stress seize/joints rollin’ like the knees/I’m rollin’ on the beat/keep it chunky funky/like the cheese/so cool you might freeze/trends I bend when suspending disbelief/I’m grinding in the green and I’m binding in the keef/unwinding on the leaf/I’m the Kaiser and the Chief
Track Name: Of Creation
(Mr. Han, Enter the Dragon): “We are all ready to win, just as we are born knowing only life.

Stephen Hawking: "Where did we come from? How did the universe come into being?"

Worf (of Star Trek): "Die in ignorance. I can waste no more time on you."

My foundation’s never shook/Man, you straight out of a comic book/if you look through my bloodshot eyes/you’d be surprised/by what you’d find/sometimes/it’s too fuckin’ much/bullets burst my brain like pillow fluff/then I try to pick up the pieces/putting back all of the folds and the creases/rap is my God damned Savior/Bruce Lee with some Jim Kelly flavor/new thoughts that I brought to the table/new ways of thinking/arrive like angels/arise like dangers/the virtue of patience innate in its nature/to understand what I meant by that clause/look at the way that thoughts/evolve/first/they set precedence/are violently oppressed/then are deemed self-evident/to tell you the truth/I never thought I’d look to you/and spew the words/’a black president’/proud to be a U.S. resident now that The Dream has/tangible evidence/and I don’t stunt/I get educated like my father/rhymes permeated with thoughts of ancient scholars

**I wonder why**

“Telling the world of the Truth and Rights that exist in this earth.”

**I wonder why**

I wonder why/we were conceived at that time/an introspection of my mind/no answer I can seem to find

Look at the planets/roll a blunt/contemplate where/you came from/no more bullshit/no more fronts/admit that you don’t know for once (x2)

(Mr. Han): It is difficult to associate these horrors with the proud civilizations that created them: Sparta, Rome, the Knights of Europe, the Samurai. They worship strength, because it is strength that makes all other values possible.

BrotherOfMoses (B.O.M.):
And I ask them/what do they know/of the Intellect/what could they show?/points I bring/like a ring of touchdowns/you know I’m a king/and I daily touch crowns/I sing on lush strings/when I touch sounds/bust rounds when I crush clowns/flushes and frowns on the faces/good gracious/roam Heaven and Hell and/all the other places/I know I shouldn’t of made it/so hard/I’m growin’ up/no -tard/and no re-/comin’ strapped with the facts/bitch I know these/hoe please/I’ma go East/I’m a monster/huntin’ your sleep/evil people/I shepherd/I’m stompin’ your sheep/smoke sess from the West and I go East/I crave sound waves like a sonic-flow feast

Of creation (x8)

“He is The Foundation Of Creation” (x2)
Track Name: Mirages
Constantly seein’ mirages/this world is a bunch of mirrors and camouflages/among other things/men deify themselves as kings/and force other men to kiss their rings/some wonder/if he agrees to live under/whether he/deserves this plunder/don’t be fooled by facades/he wants to fight/but he can’t risk his family’s life/that’s the historical truth/why die for freedom/if your loved ones die too?/strategy of The Man/Congo/cuttin’ off African boy hands/Capitalist/genocide plan/all the way to The Projects/crack cocaine prospects/in between a bullet and due process/trapped in the mix like a ship in the grip of Leviathan or Loch Ness/or Scylla and Charybdis/poverty/nothing more pernicious

BrotherOfMoses (B.O.M.):
Confusions/illusions/mistaken mirages/hide in my mind/the mental camouflages/I need to find a key/open wide like garages/I need to break these psychological massages/karmic connections arising from causes/the joy recedes/when we play through the pauses/break margins/stay chargin’/don’t give a damn/so we stay bogarting/seasoned veterans/and we know you just startin’/no matter where the seeds are sown/weeds grow in the garden/excuse me/pardon/for goin’ so hard and jigglin’ jargon/I’m a Martian like Weezy or Marvin/Bolivian Marchin’ like Spring was startin’/Reality returns/wild dreams is departin’/bring Keat on the beat/cuz I’m putting on the heart and/I will never fold and I’m puttin’ all the cards in/zoom into view/ideas enlargin’/like swarming armies/with alarming harmonies/we are charming thieves/who are charming these/MCs/like snakes in a weave/basket/tisket a tasket/put this beat in your speaker and blast it/transfixed in the mix/mind’s never mastered

(Black Dynamite): See where I’m comin’ from you jive motha—jive motha—fuckaaaa!!

Can’t tell you what’s fake or real/like Matrix shit up in here/I fear I won’t recover real soon/Hurricane/Whirlpool Blast/Typhoon/tossed my mind in several different directions/trapped like/Department of Corrections/subjected/to whims of my mind/and my mind’s very whimsical/you will find/where are we going?/where did we come from?/questions I ask/but the former one/is impossible/to answer/got to/lower/lower your standards/not a Portrait more a Torture/Of The Artist As A Young Man/no battle plan/trapped like Uncle Sam on Iraq sand/God damn/not like them/smooth like butter/get out of jams/then I toast/crumble and melt with the marijuana smoke
Track Name: Flowin' Threw My Mind
BrotherOfMoses (B.O.M.):
I’m glidin’/kick slick grooves while I’m writin’/the breeze/and the seas/and the craze/in a wave/like Poseidon/my brain’s in that daze/dome in that dead zone/no Verizon/hypnotizin’/like Biggie/and that Bad Boy/we make good music/y’all make bad noise/I’ll rock you off the socks/bring the shock like tabloids/naissance/for he dons/indulgin’ in sad joys/the sex and the lies/the rumors and the nonsense/my shine’s glowin’/rhymes goin’/and been gone since/mind blowin’/shine showin’/fine sowin’/half a million thoughts/of slime flowin’ through my conscience

Malicious and vicious/rippin’ these tracks that I’m on/chemically unstable/the motherfuckin’ bomb/fuck your hip/move your head hop/nigga we are red hot/pass through your brain like a head shot/better not miss it/rap had a boo boo with this message I will kiss it/A&Rs in the ER/just prohibit/any of our visits/they are only pieces/while we the real shizzit

Chorus (Pam Bricker):
Too low to find my way/too high to wonder why/a half a million thoughts/are flowin’ through my mind (x2)

Her evanescent figure/brief, disappearing/couldn’t see her/but could hear her/close my eyes and got nearer/so quietly/she decided to spend a night with me/man I like this beat/we sat under the stars/told me which one she thought I was/and I'd flow to her rhythm/this world is like a prison/I mean/prism/a schism/of Spirituality, Materialism/I/don’t mean to put it in binary/but that’s the only way the Common Man can understand me/and I don’t need a Grammy/just enough cash so that ass Uncle Sammy can’t hurt my loving family

Pam Bricker (vocalist):
A satellite recalled your voice/zippin’ round the world again/all the night you dreamt away/zippin’ round my heart again/one touch upon my lips/and all my thoughts are clear/I feel your smokey mist/up to the stratosphere

Too low to find my way (grab a J)
Too high to wonder why (so high)
I’ve touched this place before (fly away)
Somewhere in another time (Lo-Fi)
Now I get near the sun (so warm)
Clouds driftin’ through the blinds (where I lie)
A half a million thoughts (brainstorm)
Are flowin’ through my mind (all night)

BrotherOfMoses (B.O.M.):
Flowin' threw my mind like a discus/my rhymes/you must rewind/I insist this/I feel/your smoky mist/and my mind begins to drift/let's unwind a lemon twist/with the lime up in the mix/I take a little sip/my mood begins to lift/I spliff/the piff/can we take a little trip?/we can cruise up on a ship/but on these 2 conditions/and if and only if/you lick my . . .

Flow like an aqueduct/allusions are historically accurate/now pass the blunt/to Marx/but he prefers the poppy/the specter is me/nobody can stop me/I’m/in the zone/demilitarized crazy/refugee camp/war torn young babies/skill is inherited homie/and you lack it/I’m the bomb like/Hezbollah suicide jackets/when I drop this/neo-hybrid hip hop shit/have to break/gravitational theories to top this/I’m armed and guarded/a charming target/trained by the mystics and martial artists/I’m so in control/I compose like Thoreau or Jean Jacques Rousseau/under trees that are old/and I/flow like gold/crossing ancient paths of Silk Roads

Chorus (x2)
Track Name: 2001 Spliff Odyssey
I got/one guilty pleasure in this world/let the smoke swirl twirl/like a genie lamp girl/’fore you take a hit/I warn ya/this shit/is from Northern California/pretty much/every day toke/plus/this beat/just makes me wanna smoke/met/a bloke who can flow like me/and/the world shouldn’t take us lightly/but for now just forget about that/blaze a sac/let the instrumental take you back/puffin’ on some fine shit/hot box the car and bump/Jedi Mind Tricks/some Heavenly Divine shit/too short is this life it seems/many nights Dad wished me/flyin’ dreams/and I soared in gleams of light/the ride may be short/but I enjoyed the flight

Hook (x2):
**This is Outernational**)/Roll a blunt and/you can come but/catch up my nigga/you must follow me/2001 Spliff Odyssey

“Act—but not to reflect on the fruit of the act. Victory and defeat are the same. Seek detachment; fight without desire.”

BrotherOfMoses (B.O.M.):
Gotta get the fix/spliff with tobacco/take another hit/yo I’m feelin’ wacko/sight a slight fright/in the night/spot a jackal/leaves pop and crackle/clicks nicks and nackles/hallucinogenic moments/flashbacks of fractals/boost off this root/cuz the stress I gotta tackle/beats become sugary/sweet as sonic Snapple/my city never sleeps/an insomniatic Apple/Jiu-Jitsu these issues/stress we learn to grapple/we itch for these hits/scratch the best of samples/potential fully ampled/soon to be actualized/bring the/facts to alay/and I/Mack like the knife/life is suffering/never/lacking the strife/stay away from sex tricks trynna/capture my life/rather stay a bachelor/ever/lacking a wife/why?/I’m fly/you can’t be that surprised/you can come or you can go/yo I really wouldn’t mind/cuz there’s just another hoe that will be comin’ up behind/like Bonita Applebum/she has a wonderful behind/you’ll never, ever find a Dynamite as Black as mine/rewind/my mind/just went off to a tangent/the munchies hitting strong so I now demand a sandwich/can’t find a grape dutch/why did they have to ban it?/Bambaataa Afrika/rock me to another planet/trip to Neverland/I began to Peter Pan it/fly/through the sky/but the plane is now landin’/an odd Oddyssey/with my conscious uncommanded/used to hate to spliff the weed/now I truly understand it

Hook (x2)
Track Name: Only a Man
The blinding flash of city light dreams/misinterpretations of what life means/a man only lives once/but he dies many times/trynna find the right path/but there are no road signs/cleanse my body like I’m/entering mosques/holocaust machine gun funk that pump through the walls/of apartheid regimes/bullets they pass clean through/NAZI youth supporters/hopped the border/wasn’t seen fool/people are bold/but you/need to be bolder so/brush off that nonage like its dirt on your shoulder/children get older must soldier responsibilities of parents/shit pisses me off like opponents of gay marriage but/nevertheless I/stress to death/this last aspect/of Eastern tradition left/for wherever I am/wherever I stand/I prostrate myself/for I am only a man

For I am only a man (x3)

Ignite/take a blast up in the Outerspace/exhale/get your face up in a cloud of haze/true fiasco/these beams are start to shinin’ down/so I looked up in the sky/see the stars flyin’ ‘round/my eyes are round/but the air is so square/with the sight of sound/there/appears a new glare/but it’s barely there/it’s in my mind’s eye/so/these thoughts I can barely share/so I just sit in my chair and stare (I’m only a man)/I sit in my chair and stare (I’m only a man)/I sit in my chair and stare (I’m only a man)/until the think blink starts to interfere
Track Name: Same Frequency
Hook (Sulaymon & B.O.M.): I never see you/you never see me/we never seem to be/same frequency

Remember the days/remember the days/remember the days/rollin’ in the ride/on the side getting high/with the guys off that doobie-doo/sit back/munch on snacks like Scooby Doo/shit is fine/I got the slick shine like a ruby dude/I disarm with my charm/as the others acting truly rude/I stay moving smoothly in that groovy mood/with healing powers/that/can truly soothe/concerns/that burn/and make emotions turn/information’s only learned/for that money and that power to be earned/what happened to the virtue?/what happened to the people used to say they’d never hurt you?/instead they stay bitin’/they keep eatin’ me/it’s clear to my ears/but you’re blind to my mind/so I’ll never see the same frequency

Hook (x4)

This world’s much larger/than your periphery/most of this world is a mystery/History is/what we make it/I’m fascinated by what Man/has created/like poetry and art/so beat against your heart/like the Day of Ashura/for bright days await you/en la futura/and I/wish you the best/on your glorious quest/had a dream/where the moon emerges from my chest/yes/descended from the khan/I am Sultan Sulaymon/take your mind to infinity and beyond/at the center of the universe time stops/together/one frozen kiss/we stand still forever/intangible journey/chase Time/like Hermes/impervious to pain as celestial stars burn me/as a book how would you turn me?/chapter to chapter?/page to page?/beginning to end?/sorrow to laughter?/or would no one ever read it/so never again repeated/deleted/from existence/persistent/but yet defeated by Time/who giggles as I try to bend space/I tried/every time I would see God’s Face/but wait/there must be more in store/what’s the purpose?/what is my life for?/It/looked to me/don’t you understand friend?/Life is not a means but an end/so bend and bend/all you like but the gift was possessed from the first time you ever took your first breath and/try as you can/extend your hand/but your hourglass only has so much sand, man/plus if you/ever succeeded/if life wasn’t rare it would bear no meaning/so fuck your tarot reading/you ain’t destined for shit/you make your own destiny/that’s the Beauty in It/and I/now that my time’s paid/my time/so fade (fade)